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CVS Sunday: 5/9/11

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It was a wild ride this week! Thanks to Coupon Mom and her drugstore deals, and to Simply CVS. Please let me know if you spot any mistakes in coupon amounts or calculation errors. I'm pretty new at this, and my math skills are rusty.

Here's what I picked up (below). Most of the chocolate is in the freezer. And yes, I spent way too much OOP, but my husband loves his Excedrin so hopefully we'll see some savings in the coming months. ;-) Also, there should be two more peanut butter M&M's in the picture, but they seem to have disappeared. I have NO IDEA what happened to them. *gulp*

I'm having a bit of trouble deciding upon a standard method for calculation of savings. My natural inclination is to consider both ECB's surrendered and ECB's earned. However, it seems like lots of folks don't take ECB's surrendered into account when calculating their savings percentages. I want to be sure to use the most standard and accepted method of calculation among those of us who do this, so I'll watch and learn for a while before settling on a standard method to use going forward.

CVS Drugstore 5-8-11 Cpn. Value  Qty. 
04-03 S  Scrubbing Bubbles Fantastik 22-32 oz, - $4 Extra Bucks Reward when you buy 4 + 4 newspaper cpns - Household products promo item, spend $12 get $4 Extra Bucks Reward  $0.75 2
04-03 S  Ziploc sandwich bags 100ct, - $4 Extra Bucks Reward when you buy 4 + 2 newspaper cpns--Household products promo item, spend $12 get $4 Extra Bucks Reward  $1.25 2
04-17 S2  Lysol Disinfecting Wipes 28-35ct  $1.00 2
04-17 S2  Excedrin 100ct - spend $15 get $7 Extra Bucks Rewards  -Limit 2 rewards $1.50 4
05-01 S1  Nestle Bar Singles 1.28-2.1 oz, - buy 2 get 1 free and newspaper cpn B1G1F B1G1F 6
05-01 S2  Xtra Laundry Detergent 28 loads--limit 5 $1.00 4
05-01 S2  Hersheys Singles 1.3-2 oz, buy 2 get 1 free and newspaper cpn B1G1F B1G1F 12
05-01 PG  Aussie or Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner 10.1-13. 5oz or Styler 6-14 oz - $2 Extra Bucks Reward on 2--limit 1 reward  $0.50 2
05-01 PE  Sobe 20oz, B1G1F--cpn is for 5 $1.50/5 5
05-08 S  Carefree Body Shape Pantiliners 20-22ct--charity!!!  $1.00 5
05-08 S  Revlon Cosmetics (excludes clearance items) $7 Extra Bucks Reward when you buy 2 + 2 newspaper cpns + $3 off $10 CVS cpn printing this week from Coupon Center $2.00 1

Dallas Morning News $1.00 1
03-27 RP M&M Peanut Butter B2G1F & CRT .25/2 3

Today I saved:

OOP (Used gift card with 20% savings not included in calculations - Spent $100 got $20 extra)

Gross Price

ECB's surrendered

ECB's earned

Savings % Including ECB's surrendered

Savings % Including ECB's surrendered and earned


  1. Wow you got a bunch of stuff! Very impressive! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I found you through your link-up at Simply CVS. As far as standardizing your shopping trips go, the most important thing is to be consistent. Pick a calculation method that works for you and run with it!

  3. Woo Hoo! I love coupon mom too!

  4. @ Jessica - Hi! Yes, probably too much candy! lol
    @ Holly - Hello and thanks. :) Yes, consistency is key. I think I'm going to treat ECB's surrendered like manufacturer coupons and include them in a flat "% saved", with a brief note saying how many ECB's received.
    @ Patrice - Hello! I would be lost without her timely matchups! Especially for Tom Thumb, since The Grocery Game puts them out too late for me to use them for my Friday shopping trips.

  5. WOW you did so well! I personally get confused with % and savings and what not. I count my my trips as money spent. I don't want to walk out spending more than $5.00. I try to keep it so that the same amount of ECB I "spend" I will get back so I'm always working with the same amount but we all know that doesn't happen!

  6. Hi, Bryana! I'm considering the wisdom of your approach. After all, I am in this to SAVE money, not to amass the most chocolate at the lowest possible price. I think I may do it that way too, except for those weeks when I reeeeally need four tubes of mascara. ;-)

  7. I think you did great and I agree about consistency in the calculations. I prefer to count my ECB's surrendered in my savings, and count the ones earned when I actually use them. Either way, it all works out. :) I wish I could figure out how to earn more ECB's and spend less out of pocket, but there just aren't always things I need/want in the big ECB deals. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  8. Hi Jaime & thanks for coming by. I think we're totally on the same page. I'm going to go with ECB's surrendered as savings & treat them like I would a coupon. And you're TOTALLY right about not always being able to get ECB's. Lots of times you have to spend 2-3 bucks per item to get those ECB's back.

    I got a $5/25 through Saturday CVS coupon via email today. SO AWESOME, except that I'd already done my shopping for this week! Might be a good time to pick up some diapers. :) Take care.

  9. Nice! You got tons of stuff, I LOVE it! I always try to get the most ECBs out of my shopping trips, but it can be hard.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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